What is a cool gift for a Hot Wheels Collector?

Hot Wheels GiftVintage redline Hot Wheels of course! Either a single car or an entire collection of redlines. And at the RedlineLocator we have found all the great deals on Redline Hot Wheels and especially the harder to find rare Hot Wheels for you. Another great idea is a Hot Wheels collection guide, or Hot Wheels price guide, that way they can determine the value of their hot wheels. One of my favorite gifts is Hot Wheels Sizzler cars, especially the vintage ones from the 1970's.

How about a vintage
Hot Wheels carrying case?

Vintage Hot Wheels track will always brighten up a Hot Wheels collectors day.

And nothing says "I love you" like a rare vintage Hot Wheel still in the blister pack!

Whatever you are looking for the Redline Locator has it. So the next time you ask yourself, what is a cool gift for a Hot Wheel collector? Think.... the RedlineLocator.com