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I have been a Hot Wheels enthusiast since the late 1960's when was a kid. Vintage Hotwheels are my favorite collectibles, these Mattel diecast gems rarely if ever lose their value and most importantly they are a fun to collect! The Redline Locator is a website where I have extracted the very best deals on Redline Hot Wheels for the experienced (or new) collector.

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Some of my all-time favorite Redline Hot Wheels were: TheBeatnik Bandit, Custom Barracuda, Custom Camaro, Custom Corvette, Custom Cougar, Custom Eldorado, Custom Firebird, Custom Fleetside, Custom Mustang, Custom T-Bird, and
my personal favorite the Custom Volkswagen.

spectraflame hotwheelsSpectraflame Paint

Redline Hot Wheels came in a rainbow of Spectraflame paint. Spectraflame was a shiny metallic paint that was the signature of the early Redline Hot Wheels. The Spectraflame paint really made redline Hot Wheels seem like valuable gems. And since some colors of spectraflame are more rare than others, certain colored Hot Wheels can be extremely valuable. Here is a fun vintage color chart that shows all the various shades of Spectraflame colors.

Hot Wheels Collectors CaseGet the jump on other collectors by using the Redline Locator. With the Redline Locator you will always be the first to see what just went on sale! Lets check out the newly listed Redline Hot Wheels, newly listed Redline collections, other newly listed vintage Hotwheels, Vintage Blister Packs, Vintage Hotwheels Track, and also newly listed miscellaneous Hotwheel Collections.

Make sure to check out our rare redline Hot Wheels category which features to most rare and interesting Hot Wheels available.


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